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This section will have various lessons Tony has done for guitar magazines etc.

Guitar Magazine-March 1986 (Birds Of Prey-Bass Lesson With Billie Sheehan)

Guitar World-M.P.H. Columns 


Cleaner Faster Scales March 87'
Speed, Control And Dexterity April 87'
Hammered Scales June 87'
All About The Interval July 87'
Tackling Fast Melodies September 87'
Move Those Arpeggios November 87'
Not Quite Arpeggios December 87'


Bach To Basics January 88'
Harmonizing With The Relative Minor April 88'
Practice Makes Perfect May 88'
Take Your Pick June 88'
The Blues, Chopin & The Luck Of The Irish September 88'
Combining Techniques November 88'
Mixin' With The Mixolydian December 88'


Sequential Soloing February 89'

Praeludium In Power Tab

Japan Lesson from 1987 - Sent By Juny

The Music Paper-New Concept Guitar Lesson  September 1987 - Sent By Darek

Part 1


Part 2

Guitar For The Practicing Musician-Guitar Secrets Feb. 1991

Young Guitar Lesson-1994

Young Guitar Lesson-Workshop 1994

Young Guitar Lesson-Planet X and Cab August 2000

A Special Thanks to Peter Lidstrom, Juny and Tomas Larson for these lessons.